Bali Sunrise Villas & Restaurant
Geopark Village
Lake Batur | Kintamani | 80652

Invoice Number SUN-0025
Invoice Date 12 October 2022
Due Date 28 July 2023
Total Due Rp. 2.380.000

Family Vaneekchout, 5 pax (Tari)
Friday, July 28, 2023
2 Rooms, 1 extra mattress
Check in: 28 July
Check out: 29 July
Add-on: Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking
Add-on: Ubud Transport

Tari Travel

Jl. Sultan Alauddin
Graha Modern Jaya Blok B-22
Makassar - Sulawesi
Phone: 0411-832636 / 870227

Pax/Nights Service Rate/PriceAdjustmentsSub Total
1 The Rambutan Room

The Middle Room (King Bed)

Rp. 300.000-15%Rp. 255.000
1 The Buah Naga Room

The Front Room (King Bed)

Rp. 300.000-15%Rp. 255.000
1 Extra Bed / Breakfast

28 July 2023

Rp. 50.000-15%Rp. 42.500
5 Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

Explore the Active Volcano
29 July 2023

Rp. 350.000-15%Rp. 1.487.500
1 Ubud Transport / One Way

Single Car Transportation to Ubud
29 July 2023

Rp. 400.000-15%Rp. 340.000
Sub Total Rp. 2.380.000
Adjustments Rp. 0
Total Due Rp. 2.380.000
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Bank Central Asia (BCA)
Account No: 1350362980
Account Name: I Gede Mangun
Branch Ubud, Bali 80571
Branch Clearing No. 0140135

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